About MHRA

 The Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association is the only trade association in the state that exists solely for the purposes of helping you become successful in the food & beverage industry.

We have a menu of training programs, many of which are free of charge to our members.  Our core of endorsed services is sure to bring more money to your bottom line.  From credit card processing and music licensing to health insurance and workers compensation insurance, our programs and services will bring more money to your bottom line.

To add benefit, your industry is represented by a team of government affairs experts that is dedicated to protecting you from harmful legislation while promoting legislation that will benefit the industry.  We estimate that our Government Affairs victories have saved the average restaurant over $10,000 over the past 4 years.


Professional industry expertise

  • Industry Insights

Discounted Products + Services

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Music Licensing
  • Email Marketing Solutions

Educational Services

  • Educational products, classes and staff development programs
  • Certification programs: ServSafe Food Handling , Servsafe Alcohol Training


  • Timely Email Updates
  • Quarterly E-Newsletter

Marketing + Networking Opportunities

  • State & local networking opportunities
  • MHRA chapter meetings and events
  • Sponsorship opportunities for MHRA events

Membership with the National Restaurant Association

  • Access to NRA research, legal department, information services and library
  • Access to NRA electronic publications: Smart Brief and Washington Weekly
  • Discounts on NRA products and publications
  • One free pass to the NRA's annual tradeshow in Chicago *applies to Restaurant members only

Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association, Gulf Coast Chapter Board of Directors

MHRA GCC President
Calvin Coleman

MHRA GCC Vice President
John Boyle

MHRA GCC Treasurer
Rob Heffner

MHRA GCC Board Member, Ex-Officio
Bob Thunelius

MHRA GCC Board Member
Bob Jenkins

MHRA GCC Board Member
Mike Sinopoli

MHRA GCC Board Member
Paulette Strayham

MHRA GCC Board Member
Beau Blalock

MHRA GCC Board Member
Kip Schloegel

MHRA GCC Board Member
Arturo Barajas

MHRA GCC Board Member
Stacy Thompson

MHRA GCC Board Member

Ryland Bertucci

MHRA GCC Board Member
Clyde Marcel

MHRA GCC Board Member

Bill Yockey

MHRA GCC Ad Hoc Member

Bob Lutz

MHRA GCC Ad Hoc Member
John Prentiss

MHRA GCC Ad Hoc Member
Roland Reeves

MHRA GCC Executive Director
Bridgette Varone

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